Cas Proffitt
Cas Proffitt

The bleeding edge of disruptive innovation is my home. To give voice to the technologies of the future, authoritative and proud, and to shape the images of the businesses that will reinvent humanity—my  passion.  Is it not human duty to compel the world toward a brighter future?

As a B2B content marketer and brand consultant in the field of disruptive technology, I work with businesses on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Big Data, and Blockchain. Through the use of blogging, white papers, email marketing, ebooks, visual content, and more. I help businesses storm these new markets.

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I Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Big Rewards for My Clients

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Trust your content to a professional who knows what works and who can strategize with you to get the most out of your content marketing. From timing to titles, Cas Proffitt is your one-stop solution.

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Stringently tested methods allow me to generate content with impact.

Optimized for Results

You can be certain your content works  as hard as it can for you to deliver results.

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Establish authority and brand awareness by standing out. and demanding attention.

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My creative content helps you reach your audience in new ways.

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Trust that your content will be delivered on time with impeccable precision.

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Specialty content is carefully crafted to meet your deadlines with utmost quality.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A quick response to some questions I hear frequently…

Are Your Rates Expensive?

I charge professional marketing rates, but I do not (and will never) price gouge. My prices vary per project and depend a lot on the amount of time and research a project will take. Luckily, though, I write and research quickly. I rarely do hourly or per-word projects, but they aren’t off the table. The best way to see how much it would be to work together is to contact me and tell me what you need.

 How Long Have You Done Content Marketing?

Although I started with fiction authors, I have done content marketing for more than half a decade. In that time, I have consumed hundreds of thousands of words of educational  material, gotten certified as a content marketer through HubSpot, written innumerable words, and given tons of well-received content advice.

Is Proffitt Really Your Last Name?

It’s about to be. Proffitt will be my legal last name after my impending marriage. I use it now, because I wanted to transition my branding so I didn’t have to do it during the honeymoon. My current, legal last name is “Owens.” But, no, I didn’t adopt a pen name for my career, although it does fit nicely, eh? 🙂

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