1412, 2016

5 Ways Blockchain Will Change Marketing

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Many people instantly think bitcoin when they hear blockchain or, more recently, Ethereum. But blockchain has an ability to disrupt that extends much further than the financial realm, and we are likely to see ripples of the effects of this technology in a broad range of applications including marketing. What is blockchain? It’s true that  one of the more notable purposes of blockchain in the present day lies in cryptocurrency which is gaining more [...]

712, 2016

10 Ways to Electrify Your Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

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Fellow humans, it is my duty to inform you that artificial intelligence has officially taken over the world. Well, the world of media and marketing, at least. If your Twitter feed hasn’t been bombarded by the surreal and psychedelic images of Google’s DeepDream or news of IBM’s Watson’s latest feat of intelligence (Spoiler alert: Right now, Watson is trying to cure cancer.), don’t worry. It will. Artificial intelligence has been front and center recently, [...]